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Alternate History : The Journey Towards Recovery & Consolidation

Global Governments form and consolidate : 20th to 22nd Century

The Global Government in the guise of The United Nations of Earth is the result of multiple nation blocs that were created in the 20th Century to combat the decline of the Capitalistic Global Financial system.  These blocs allowed the United Nations to flourish, as devolution of Military/peacekeeping functions were added into its already increasing portfolio of responsibility which also included Exploration, Science, Technology and Education.

The blocs were then relegated to purely political in nature and by the end of the 22nd Century, most of the blocs became redundant as more responsibility and functions were handed over to the UN.  This, however, was not the case for the American Union that were adamant about its independence and preservation of their Capitalistic “way-of-life”.

This had the effect of increasing the American Union’s bloc-based research through legitimate and sometimes in an unorthodox manner, which resulted in the creation of exploration fleets to scour the solar system for resources.

The creation of multiple rocket-based launch sites throughout the American Union bloc were the pre-cursor of off-world exploration.  Both the American Union and the UN began its exploration in earnest in the late 20th Century and well into the 21st Century.  At the close of the 20th Century, the building blocks of Moonbase Alpha under the auspices of the UN through the EASA that would eventually become the Lunar Labs begins its construction.  In Mars, NASA begins its 5-year programme by deploying rovers and probes for habitation possibilities.

The resulting race has further widened the division between the Capitalistic nature of the American Union against the Social Communalism of the United Nations.  Funding and support for the American Union’s foray to the Outer Solar System continues to be carried by the United Nations much to the dislike of the other member states, notably the East Asia Union.  However, true to its charter, the funding continues well into the 22nd Century.  Apart from funding and resources, technology was also part of the assistance package given to the American Union for their Mars programmes, however, this was curtailed in the late 22nd Centuries due to blatant IP transgressions by the Americans.  Before long, new technology began to emerge from Mars as more settlers begin to leave the homeworld to move to the Martian colonies.  This technology was a mirror of the existing UN tech that were given as part of the funding grants, albeit less finished and prone to failures.  New vessels and additional new tech were spotted in use and the Americans or Martians began to commence mining operations deep within the Asteroid belts, notable Vesta, Pallas and Ceres.

Welcome to the United Nations of Earth and The Commonwealth

The end of the 22nd Century sees the opening of multiple joint mining operations throughout the Asteroid belt.  The large mining and refining facilities at Ceres, Vesta and Pallas were a truly UN and Martian joint activity.  The technology and trained mining specialists were largely provided by the UN, whilst the Martians provided logistical support.  The three huge facilities became operational in AD 2170 at the same time, the United Nations charter was changed, and the UN thus became the United Nations of Earth.  The success of the joint mining and refining facilities allowed both parties to further their relationship through diplomatic means and in AD 2243, the Martian Colony became the Mars Administrative Corporation and eventually was admitted as a member of the UNE Commonwealth along with several other independent colonies throughout the system.

It is during this era, where our first story “Marooned” begins ….