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Stories Published


We started the Unity Macroverse journey with graphic novels – beginning with Marooned, part one. Parts 2 and 3 have been combined with the original as a 3-in-1 offering, where the main story arc then breaks out into into 5 separate but related branches which eventually converge later. Check out these arcs below, all of which have already grown on their own.

In true “community spirit”, members from our community who’ve participated in illustrating these graphic novels do not come from a comic/graphic novel art background. We have lecturers, graphic designers, and even e-hailing drivers participating in illustating our graphic novels.

“Marooned” tells the tale of the crew of the Tigris, the flagship tactical vessel of the United Nations of Earth (“UNE”) as it is tasked to investigate recent conflict at the mine extract colony on the Jupiter moon of Ganymede. As commanding officers Captain Olivia Chu and Commander Zulkifli Hassan, together with the rest of the international Tigris crew set out on their mission, little are they aware of the ulterior motives for the inclusion of a military troop detachment of the Malayan Rangers on-board, as directed by the UNE Secretary-General. What is assumed to  be a standard conflict resolution mission, is about to be met with something totally unexpected and unexplained ….

“Journey’s End” tells the story of the crew of the Tigris soon after the events in “Marooned”. The prized vessel of the United Nations of Earth (“UNE”) is tasked to investigate further into the unknown after the discoveries on the Ganymede mine.

“Fog of War” tells the story of potential conflict between two major protagonist in the Unity Macroverse. Occurs after the Ganymede incident and is parallel to the “Journey’s End” storyline.

Space Battle scenarios inspired by “Fog of War” are playable through our Tabletop Wargame, “Armada : Fleet Action”.

After the completion of their mission with the UNES Tigris on the Ganymede mine, The Malayan Rangers are given another mission to infiltrate deep into enemy territory.

A seemingly everyday family from Detroit arrives on the Canton Trade Hub.  Totally unaware that plans are underway that will change their lives forever.

The Lunar Labs begin the analysis of the ‘Sentinel’ delivered by the Malayan Rangers. Unlocking the secrets of the ‘Sentinel’ falls on Dr. Maung, the lab’s lead scientist.

Other Graphic Novels

Set before the events of “Marooned”, a sentient droid “awakens” in unfamiliar territory – not knowing how it got there, or what its original purpose or programming was intended for. Roaming the unfamiliar streets, it stumbles upon a family that takes it in – later discovering its possible origins.